Sunday, 11 October 2009

Watch This Space: Workshop One - Lyveden New Bield

Introduction to the project with Dave from Watch This Space

The first of the workshops for the Lyveden New Bield project kicked off this weekend. Luckily the sun was shining all afternoon so we could really enjoy being outside. Overall it was a pretty fun day! In the morning we introduced everyone to the project and did some photography on site.

We then attempted to make a HUGE stop motion piece using ribbon and wool to create an image of the Lyveden New Bield. For half an hours effort I think we did pretty well. (see image below) If this film ever makes it online I will be sure to post it here. :)

Huge stop-motion piece

After lunch we had a look at everyone's photos and created a mock up of the final scene. We recorded an audio track of everyone in the group giving their first impressions of the space and created a slide show using their images to go with it. It turned out pretty good and was a great way to see the photographs everyone had taken.

Checking out the slideshows

After giving everyone the script and listening to the soundtracks for the event we all had a chance to get creative and record some footage for use in the next workshops. Part of this involved dressing up in funny hats with stick on beards... we didn't quite look like Guy Fawkes but never mind. :) We also lit some fuse wire which Andy had bought and recorded some fireworky footage.

And that was the end of Workshop One! I think it went really well! Everyone has been introduced to the project and we captured some really good footage and photographs which can be used in the films. I am really looking forward to next session where everyone can get stuck into making the projections!

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