Saturday, 3 October 2009

Deep Time Cabaret - Rehearsals

The miner and the white woman hand puppets

The Deep Time Cabaret rehearsals have been in full swing for the last couple of weeks and I made my way up to Horse + Bamboo late last week to see how my film sections would be fitting in. With the final versions complete and rendered I was able to see them at the best quality. I also watched how the performers will interact with the film sequences.

Working out a set up for the paper cinema

I worked with Jonny and Mark on the paper cinema section (see above) looking for ways to animate the paper puppets. Bob put together a table top camera stand on Thursday morning whilst the rest of us cut out photocopies of the paper cinema elements. This enabled us to play around with them under the camera without causing any damage to the originals. This was a very useful session as I discovered that I would need to make a few more cut outs. I will be working on these this weekend as well as re working one of the film elements which needs to be extended. :) After that I feel confident that all my work for the show will be complete.

Next week I am going to start working on a Making of Deep Time Cabaret film to go online on the Horse + Bamboo You Tube account. I will post that up here in a couple of weeks time.

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