Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Deep Time Cabaret Preview and a Rossendale Weekend

I went to the friends and family preview night of Deep Time Cabaret last Friday and spent the rest of the weekend in Rossendale, Lancashire.

The show was great! After worrying so much about how my films would look and how everything was going to come together I can honestly say I am 100% pleased with the final result. There was added narration making it much easier to understand and some added comedy which was brilliant. Educational piece that will encourage students to ask lots of questions. Sonya's singing was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the puppet shows and the egg dance. The paper cinema came together nicely as well, I am hoping to get a video of this online in the next couple of months. I will be making a DVD of the full production in about a months time when the shows have been filmed. They start the tour Friday evening at Clearwell Caves!

I had a lovely weekend, we stayed at the Number 678 Guesthouse which was lovely. No one else was staying there so we had the whole place ourselves. They had the comfiest beds ever and the most yummy breakfast in the morning!

We spent the Saturday at Hebden Bridge where we did some shopping and sat by the river with all the ducks. :) We found a great shop there called the Yorkshire Soap Company. It was lovely smelling shop with lots of gorgeous looking soaps. I bought a couple of the bath truffles and they are great! My favourite thing in there were the HUGE soap cakes decorated with candles. (see below) They don't do online orders yet but the man in the shop said they were trying to sort it out. :) I hope they do it soon!

On the Sunday before we left we went to visit Rossendale Museum and I managed to draw these little fellas from the stuffed animal room. ^-^ Hooray for some kind of life drawing!

Could have done with some more sleep but all in all I had a nice weekend. I have a busy couple of weeks now with the Lyveden project in full swing! The second workshop is this Saturday and I have already started animating for the blueprint sequence. Will update with more soon!

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