Friday, 23 October 2009

Deep Time Cabaret - Gravity

I put together this film sequence titled Gravity for Deep Time Cabaret.

This is the longest projection sequence in the production and explores the ideas of deep time and our place in the universe. Images of the Book of Hours and tarot cards represent the ways in which humans have tried to understand the purpose of their existance. The egg, symbolic of life, is being measured in an effort to understand it and microscopic elements hint at our origins. The eye looking in on everything represents ourselves examining the vastness of the universe. Everything is then pulled into the galaxy, reminding us how small and insignificant we all are on the larger scale of deep time.

Deep Time Cabaret is opening tonight at the Clearwell Caves, Gloucestershire It will be showing there until the 25th before it moves on. See my previous post for a full list of the tour dates.

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