Monday, 7 September 2009

Sketchbook #3

I have been unlucky enough to have been struck down with food poisoning this weekend and have spent all my time in bed. I am feeling slightly better today although I am not sure if I am up for working my usual 8 hour day.

I found being in bed extremely boring. Anyone who knows me will know I hate doing nothing... and if I'm not doing something productive I feel quite agitated. This on top of me not being able to eat anything put me in a very bad mood, but I have managed to survive with the help of South Park, Harry Potter and my sketchbook. :)

I decided to do some (ill looking) self portraits after I had an urge to do some life drawing but I had access to no models. Who better to sit still long enough for me than myself! I am thinking I might attempt to do one in colour now... with some kind of paint. Could be fun! ^-^ I have thoroughly missed drawing!

Last week I also did some life drawings of my boyfriend and sister. They are a bit sketchy, but practice makes perfect! I am drawing all of these in an A2 sketchbook and am loving working on such a big scale! It really makes me miss being at art school and having access to life drawing every week. >.<

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