Friday, 11 September 2009

I love cutiepie .com

I ordered this cute miniature pocket watch a couple of weeks ago and Mr. Postman delivered it to me last week all wrapped up in a nice little black box.

It is such a beautiful piece of jewellery! I love it! It has instantly become my new favourite. I have been looking for a pocket watch for the last year now but most of the vintage ones I found were far too expensive. So I took my hunt online and got myself this little bargain.

The watch is very very tiny (only 2.5cm across) but works just as well as any other watch I own. ^-^ It has a beautiful pattern engraved on it and little beads hanging from the top.
I really recommend you check out the website where I discovered it,

It is full of lovely unique hand made jewellery, limited edition pieces and also provides a bespoke service if you want something made in particular. This is one shop I have added to my bookmarks! ^-^

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Bianca Ansems said...

omg what a lovely watch! in love with this!