Thursday, 3 September 2009

Deep Time Cabaret Update

My work on Deep Time Cabaret is coming along well. The deadline is approaching fast and it is less than a month until the rehearsals begin.

I have successfully filmed some footage for the mouth (see image below) and 'stop frame' sequence. The rest of the footage will be filmed during the DTC tech week and Horse + Bamboo.

"What we do if the stars only came out once every thousand years?"

I have been busy busy working on the education pack and it will be available to download from the Horse + Bamboo website by the end of September. This pack will contain information about all the different elements included in the show and give details on what inspired it. I will post a direct link on here once it is completed.

I have also been finishing off the paper cinema elements (see below) and just need to mount a couple more onto card so they are ready for rehearsals. I have sketched out the storyboard for the piece, but I think most of it will be completed when we actually get the cut outs in front of the camera and start experimenting with what we can do. ^-^

This just leaves another week for me to put together the 'stop-frame' sequence. It seems like things are finally starting to come together! hoorah! I love that feeling! :)

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