Monday, 28 September 2009

Surf Twilight Sensations Ad

This was all created with shadow puppets and film... I love it and had to share! ♥

Friday, 25 September 2009

Lego Wall-E

Some of the coolest lego building I have ever seen.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Deep Time Cabaret - Tech Week

I have just returned from a very successful couple of days working at Horse + Bamboo. We managed to get through a lot during my visit and I am feeling good about everything that will be coming together over the final two weeks on this project.

We worked on many sections of the production including filming for the projections, testing the projections, playing with the paper cinema and the education pack. The education pack will hopefully be put online next week. I am going to spend the next couple of days putting it together before getting back to the projections at the start of next week. :)

I will leave you with some images of us experimenting with the paper cinema.

Lego, Animation, Classic Games <3


Friday, 11 September 2009

I love cutiepie .com

I ordered this cute miniature pocket watch a couple of weeks ago and Mr. Postman delivered it to me last week all wrapped up in a nice little black box.

It is such a beautiful piece of jewellery! I love it! It has instantly become my new favourite. I have been looking for a pocket watch for the last year now but most of the vintage ones I found were far too expensive. So I took my hunt online and got myself this little bargain.

The watch is very very tiny (only 2.5cm across) but works just as well as any other watch I own. ^-^ It has a beautiful pattern engraved on it and little beads hanging from the top.
I really recommend you check out the website where I discovered it,

It is full of lovely unique hand made jewellery, limited edition pieces and also provides a bespoke service if you want something made in particular. This is one shop I have added to my bookmarks! ^-^

Monday, 7 September 2009

Sketchbook #3

I have been unlucky enough to have been struck down with food poisoning this weekend and have spent all my time in bed. I am feeling slightly better today although I am not sure if I am up for working my usual 8 hour day.

I found being in bed extremely boring. Anyone who knows me will know I hate doing nothing... and if I'm not doing something productive I feel quite agitated. This on top of me not being able to eat anything put me in a very bad mood, but I have managed to survive with the help of South Park, Harry Potter and my sketchbook. :)

I decided to do some (ill looking) self portraits after I had an urge to do some life drawing but I had access to no models. Who better to sit still long enough for me than myself! I am thinking I might attempt to do one in colour now... with some kind of paint. Could be fun! ^-^ I have thoroughly missed drawing!

Last week I also did some life drawings of my boyfriend and sister. They are a bit sketchy, but practice makes perfect! I am drawing all of these in an A2 sketchbook and am loving working on such a big scale! It really makes me miss being at art school and having access to life drawing every week. >.<

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Deep Time Cabaret Tour Dates

I forgot to mention the tour dates for Deep Time Cabaret have been released. The show will open at the Clearwell Caves in Gloucestershire on the 23rd October. These caves have been specially adapted and are now a working mining museum. Considering the context of the production I feel that this is perfect place for Deep Time Cabaret to open.

23-25 October
Clearwell Caves, Gloucestershire

26 October
Ustinov Theatre, Bath

30 October
Manchester Science Festival

6-7 November
SUSPENSE, Rosemary Branch

18 November
ACE Centre, Nelson

19 November
The Met, Bury

20 November
The Continental, Preston

27 November
Square Chapel, Halifax

28 November
the Boo, Rossendale

Deep Time Cabaret Update

My work on Deep Time Cabaret is coming along well. The deadline is approaching fast and it is less than a month until the rehearsals begin.

I have successfully filmed some footage for the mouth (see image below) and 'stop frame' sequence. The rest of the footage will be filmed during the DTC tech week and Horse + Bamboo.

"What we do if the stars only came out once every thousand years?"

I have been busy busy working on the education pack and it will be available to download from the Horse + Bamboo website by the end of September. This pack will contain information about all the different elements included in the show and give details on what inspired it. I will post a direct link on here once it is completed.

I have also been finishing off the paper cinema elements (see below) and just need to mount a couple more onto card so they are ready for rehearsals. I have sketched out the storyboard for the piece, but I think most of it will be completed when we actually get the cut outs in front of the camera and start experimenting with what we can do. ^-^

This just leaves another week for me to put together the 'stop-frame' sequence. It seems like things are finally starting to come together! hoorah! I love that feeling! :)

New Art Group and Watch This Space

Over the past few months myself and a couple of people I know have been trying to set up a local art group that provides workshops for young people in the area and also acts as a network for local artists to meet and share skills.

We are still in the progress of setting up our group and still need a name ^-^ something that has been of great discussion amongst the group members. I will update on it more when we have discovered "who we are", we can't be called 'Unknown Name' forever after all.

One of the members of the group, Andy, who I have known since my foundation course has managed to get us our first gig with a group known as Watch This Space.

"Watch This Space is a unique programme of innovative and exciting heritage arts projects, combining multimedia installations, exhibitions, audio tours and site specific performances. Specially created for unusual spaces, each project unlocks doors to areas not usually open to the public, taking audiences on an intimate journey around these forgotten spaces and their stories."

We are going to be running video and animation workshops for kids aged 14+ as part of a larger event being organised by Watch This Space.

This is a bonfire night event at a local National Trust property, Lyveden New Bield. It will be a mixture of performance art, projection, lighting, music and (of course) fireworks. They held a similar event at Ashby Castle a few years ago. You can see photos and videos of the event here.

I will update soon with some more details about the workshops and the role our group will be playing. I am also going to include a little bit of a history lesson on the building which will be the centre of it all. It is all very interesting, I promise! ^-^