Thursday, 3 September 2009

New Art Group and Watch This Space

Over the past few months myself and a couple of people I know have been trying to set up a local art group that provides workshops for young people in the area and also acts as a network for local artists to meet and share skills.

We are still in the progress of setting up our group and still need a name ^-^ something that has been of great discussion amongst the group members. I will update on it more when we have discovered "who we are", we can't be called 'Unknown Name' forever after all.

One of the members of the group, Andy, who I have known since my foundation course has managed to get us our first gig with a group known as Watch This Space.

"Watch This Space is a unique programme of innovative and exciting heritage arts projects, combining multimedia installations, exhibitions, audio tours and site specific performances. Specially created for unusual spaces, each project unlocks doors to areas not usually open to the public, taking audiences on an intimate journey around these forgotten spaces and their stories."

We are going to be running video and animation workshops for kids aged 14+ as part of a larger event being organised by Watch This Space.

This is a bonfire night event at a local National Trust property, Lyveden New Bield. It will be a mixture of performance art, projection, lighting, music and (of course) fireworks. They held a similar event at Ashby Castle a few years ago. You can see photos and videos of the event here.

I will update soon with some more details about the workshops and the role our group will be playing. I am also going to include a little bit of a history lesson on the building which will be the centre of it all. It is all very interesting, I promise! ^-^

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