Saturday, 21 February 2009

Fish... Fish... Fish...

I am slowly getting there with the Fish :) I have got the movement down and am now adding the cut out texture in Photoshop :) So far I have just the face, going to start working on the scales over the weekend. ^-^
I have lots of things I want to post about but have so much work on at the minute that it'll have to wait. But yes, I will soon be filling this blog with many things other than my own work. :)


Wildhoney said...

You will be glad to know that your life isn't ALL about fish! That looks like a whale to me, and so it's not fish, fish, fish, but mammal, mammal, mammal, and maybe fish also. Maybe it goes mammal, fish, fish, or fish fish, mammal. Either way, it isn't all fish. Just to make your life seem not so monotonous.

Steff Lee said...

pleh don't tell me if looks like a whale! that is very unhelpful.... >.<
probably because it doesnth avent hany scales yet... at least I hope... meh