Thursday, 26 February 2009

Bird updates and Little Leap Forward Links

I have been having a few set backs with the bird sequence. As it is the opening section I really want it to be perfect and I was just not happy with the way it was looking. So yesterday I decided to redraw all the bird body shapes. This means that the bird sequence won't be looking very finished for the projection tests but this should be okay. There is still another month left until these animations need to be completed.

The dragonfly and fish sections are almost complete. Over the next month the main focus with those two sections will be the water and adding the paper cut details. I have some water footage already but I need to find some kind of effects or re animate it completely to make it appear painted... I have a few ideas at the minute but can't put them into action until I have completed this section with the birds.

Here is a very early animation test I did of the bird flying. I plan to create something similar to this for the final animation but with more wing shapes.

I also thought I would share a couple of links with you.

This first is the Little Leap Forward Production Blog. Which I have recently discovered which will have updates on all aspects of the production.

The second is Guo Yue's Official Site. He is the co-author of Little Leap Forward and who the book is based on. On his site you can read about the other books he has written and his music.

I have a busy weekend ahead with my other job and helping out at the AMEF workshop so I probably won't update again until sometime next week. :)

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