Sunday, 29 June 2008

Showreel 2008

I finally managed to finish my showreel and get it up online. ^-^

For a better quality version see

I also realised I haven't uploaded my graduation film to my blog yet or youtube for that matter. Hopefully I will get it up in the next week or so. I need to compress amov down so it doesn't take all day to upload.
Graduation next week and the Grad Ball... so it's busy times... and then us animators will all be going our separate ways :( *sob*

Saturday, 21 June 2008
My Online Portfolio is now online! ^-^


Yesterday we got our results. We now all officially have degrees :) We survived!

*PARTY AT THE PLAYHOUSE* tomorrow night starting from 8:00. We are screening in the bar and having a DVD playing in the snug ^-^ Should be another nice get together and a chance for people to see our work.

Also I'm hoping to get my website online by the end of tonight. Had a few problems with hosting etc... but it seems to all have straightened out now so watch this space.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Exhibition Phase One!

So we had the opening to our first ever screening tonight! ^-^
How very exciting! We have a lovely room with a great plasma tv and lots of bookshelves :) I would post a picture up here but the photo I took on my phone camera makes the room look pretty rubbish... so the picture will come later!

So yes :) Our films are going to be screening in 'The Library Restaurant' Norwich for the next month. We also have several other screenings and events which will be happening over the next month. I will list the details at the end of this post :)

So... it seems everything is over... or almost... I did some background clean ups for my film so I need to reburn the DVD to update it to the new version. But apart from that I am finished with it. It's such a strange feeling... I don't really know how I feel right now o_O

We do have other things to get on with. There is a lot of preparation going into the show and we need to print business cards, postcards, posters and invites to our exhibitions. There is also the online portfolio I am supposed to be working on. I did start it last Monday but I have decided I no longer like my designs and want to change it. So I think I will be spending the weekend doing that :)

Apart from that I have been spending a lot of my time relaxing and sleeping... and it feels good ^-^ Lots of things to look forward too like the private view parties, graduation and the graduation ball :) It's gonna be lots of fun! :)


(That is the old library on Guildhall Hill NOT the FORUM!)
12th June - 6th July
Open 12-2pm and 6-10pm 7 days a week

PLAYHOUSE SCREENING (one night event)
22nd June
8 - Midnight


Second Floor, Guntons Building
Opens 6:00 25th June - 3rd July

CFC Framestore, 19-23 Wells Street
8th July
6 - 10pm

Friday, 6 June 2008

The Last Day....

Stuff has been mounted... The screen is up... we're all ready to go!

We have another week and a half to make any adjustments to our films before the private view opens but everything has gone in for assessments now ^-^

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Almost there...

The DVD has been handed in...
Tomorrow we will mount the exhibition and watch all the films to check everything is okay.... how exciting! ^-^ this space...