Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Plumbum & Phillipe

I have finally started working properly on my BREDA project and I am really excited about it! I think that Nicole and me will work well together :) Nicole has already come up with a short scenario which we are going to work on over this week before producing some storyboards. I am really looking forward to making this film! ^-^

Monday, 15 October 2007

AURORA Windows update...

The window is going up tomorrow... still so much to do! >.<
Here is an image of some little creatures we have been making.
Lets all just hope it works out okay! :)

After a weekend of oranges and yellows we have finally put up our window display. Not exactly 100% happy with it but whatever. I am just glad it is over now and I can get back to my other work.
I think some parts of our display worked and others were a bit weak o_O Nevermind.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

AURORA Windows

As part of the AURORA Festival in Norwich I am working with my friend on the AURORA Windows project.
To promote the festival in the upcoming weeks we are decorating a shop window in the theme of this years festival 'Possible Worlds'.

The shop we are working on is called 'Soho Hip' and is a small clothing and accessories shop in the center of Norwich. I just thought I would update with some of our ideas and sketches before we start putting up the display next week.
Lets hope it all goes well! ^^


I have finally sorted out all my ideas for my final film and come up with a loose idea of what I am planning to do.

I have chosen to base my story on Hans Christian Andersens The Little Match Girl. I am planning to set the film in China at Chinese New Year.
During both my visits to China I have witnessed children begging on the streets but the locals always say do not give them anything as they are being controlled by gangs and all the money goes into the gangs pockets.
I felt that for my final film to be successful I would need to invoke some kind of emotion. I find it very upsetting to think about these young children being bought and sold by gangs for begging.

So the main character of my film is going to be a young beggar girl in Beijing.
I have never been to Beijing before however I wanted to set my film in a place that is recognizable as China. I wanted to include famous places such as Tiannanmen Square and the Forbidden City.

I have worked on a couple of character designs but I am still experimenting with different mediums to see how I want this character and film to look.

ENCOUNTERS update...

Have just had our first video conference with the students from St Joost.
I have come up with a character called Tina who lives with her small cat which grew from a tree.

I have paired up with Nicole and her character Plumbum

Monday, 8 October 2007


Back to uni for my final year and we are already getting stuck in with the work. As well as working on our final films and dissertation we are taking part in a joint project between the Norwich School of Art and Design (us) and St Joost Art Academy, Holland.
The project entitled ENCOUNTERS will involve students in both schools working together over the internet to create short films.
ENCOUNTERS website & My Project Blog
I will update with character designs and line tests soon...